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ZSComm Global

  A leader in prepaid telecommunications industry, ZS Comm Global was established in 2002, with one goal in mind "To provide cheap international phone calling services to all of our customers". We have established our operations and from humble beginnings grew to be a known and highly respected company in our industry.

   Over the years we have worked with various companies in our industry, and always strived towards finding the highest quality products, for our customers, from the top prepaid telecommunications manufacturers in the US and in Europe. As our industry is a quick paced, fast changing one, we are always on the lookout to provide new services for current and future customers. For this reason we are always working with the in-demand phone card manufacturers like IDT Telecom, STI Calling Cards, UTA Phone Card Distributers, CTA Prepaid and more. We specialize in connecting the whole world with those in the USA, Canada, and very soon, we will be opening up more countries to communicate with each other in the cheapest possible ways. Our goal is to connect our customers to anywhere in the world wherever they are.

   We value our customers and see them as our number one priority. Our goal is to provide the best phone calling services by offering quality calling cards from best known manufacturers in the highest variety we can establish.

   We are a US based business from the start, and still are and will always be. Always proud to serve our customers, and keep the best relationships with our suppliers, we are strong with you. To contact any of our departments with questions, inquiries, please visit here.