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Javier Solis

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Access Number: 1-888-223-4020
Customer Service: 1-800-545-5169

Pinless Africa

Access Number: 1-800-398-6510
Customer Service: 1-866-874-5870
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Most Called Countries

Country Rate/Min $5-mins
Algeria3.45 ¢145 min
Argentina0.20 ¢2500 min
Bangladesh0.96 ¢520 min
Cameroon5.68 ¢88 min
China0.17 ¢3000 min
Colombia0.39 ¢1288 min
Egypt1.00 ¢500 min
Ethiopia12.50 ¢40 min
Ghana7.04 ¢71 min
Haiti10.00 ¢50 min
India0.33 ¢1500 min
Indonesia0.36 ¢1405 min
Iraq1.82 ¢275 min
Israel0.27 ¢1820 min
Kenya0.80 ¢625 min
Mexico0.17 ¢3000 min
Nepal5.32 ¢94 min
Nigeria2.00 ¢250 min
Pakistan2.50 ¢200 min
Philippines6.25 ¢80 min
Romania0.25 ¢2000 min
South Korea0.29 ¢1750 min
Thailand0.20 ¢2500 min
Turkey0.33 ¢1500 min
Vietnam2.37 ¢211 min

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