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Call Japan - Country code for calling Japan

International phone calls to Japan by ZSComm. For cheap calls to Japan use the Japan country codes and area codes for specific cities along with cellular and landline phones. You will find the international calling instructions as well. Once you sort the information check out the cheapest call rates to Japan and major cities, and start making your phone call to Japan today, some with free call rates from USA, from UK and from Canada as well as military bases around the world.

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Japan Country code: 81

How to call Japan from USA: Dial 011 + 81 + phone number
How to call Japan from Canada: Dial 011 + 81 + phone number
How to call Japan from UK: Dial 00 + 81 + phone number

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Call Japan with cheapest rates

Calling Card Rate Access Number Special Features Maintenance Fee Purchase

Jet by IDT
1.11 ¢/minute
$5 = 450 minutes
Toll free and local access from NYBest IDT phone cardNone 

Pinless World
1.67 ¢/minute
$5 = 300 minutes
1-800-398-6096Pinless Phone CardNone 

1.67 ¢/minute
$5 = 300 minutes
1-800-398-6096New by Raza Phone Cards89c/week 

My Friend
2.30 ¢/minute
$5 = 217 minutes

Pearls Of Africa
2.34 ¢/minute
$5 = 214 minutes
Toll free and local access from INPinlessNone 

2.50 ¢/minute
$5 = 200 minutes
1-877-859-9710Best Seller, No feesNone 

3.33 ¢/minute
$5 = 150 minutes

Classic Africa
4.76 ¢/minute
$5 = 105 minutes
1-800-574-5590No fees,full minutes,excellent qualityNone 

Red Tiger
4.76 ¢/minute
$5 = 105 minutes
1-800-574-55901 minute billingNone 

Classic Middle East
4.76 ¢/minute
$5 = 105 minutes
1-800-574-5590No fees,1 minute billingNone