Rates are published on 10-11-2011 and might have changed since then. Please contact the customer service number listed in this page to get the updated rates. Service by Total Call International (TCI). There are no maintenance fees or post call fees associated with this calling card. Using the toll free access will result in additional 2c/min charge. Advertised minutes are only available if all used on a first call via local access before the ad expiration. Advertised minutes may be reduced if costs to TCI change substantially. Calls to international mobile phones or to areas with minimal network access may have higher rates. Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Calls are rounded up to the nearest whole minute, with 1 minute increments. This card expires 365 days after first call. There are no refunds for this card and it may be deactivated if fraud/theft/nonpayment are suspected. This card is not rechargeable. Call 1-888-569-9653 if you have any issues or to get the latest rates. TCI nor ZSComm.com makes no warranty regarding the condition or fitness of the services provided, and TCI nor ZSComm.com shall not be liable for punitive, special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages related to the card. All domestic calls made on this card from Texas will be charged at $0.035 per minute.