This card works from continental US, Canada, PR and Virgin Islands but does not work from Alaska. The following rates and fees were published on 09-13-2011 and might have changed since then. For the latest information please call the customer service number provided above. Announced minutes based on use of entire card on a single a call. Minimum domestic rate is $0.001 per minute; maximum rate is $5.00 per minute. Call time is deducted in 1-minute increments. A fee of $0.59 will apply for calls of less than 5 minutes. A fee of $1.49 will apply for calls 5 minutes or longer. A fee of $0.69 will be charged the day after first use of the card and every seven days thereafter. Calls made from a payphone will be charged $0.99 at the beginning of each call. Calls placed to mobile telephones or originating outside of the contiguous U.S. will be charged at higher rates. Please check with your local phone company to determine if they charge you separately for using an access number. Rates and fees are subject to change without notice. Cards are not returnable or exchangeable and have no cash redemption value. Safeguard this card, as it will not be replaced if lost, damaged or stolen. Please call the customer service number listed on this page to get the updated current rates. We do not take responsibility for out of date rates.