Rates and fees were published on 04-17-2012 and might have changed since then. Please call the customer service at 1-888-516-3927 for the latest rates and fees. Rates vary based on the country called. Minutes advertised are based on a single initial non-payphone call originating in contiguous USA. A higher rate may apply to calls to wireless receivers or special service numbers. Any toll free call originating from a payphone will be surcharged 99c/call. A 69c daily fee will apply after initial use. A 2c/min fee applies to calls placed through toll free access number. Calls are billed in 1 minute increments, a hang up fee of 89c will apply per call. Rates for subsequent calls will be 100% higher than the rate of the initial call. Federal state and local taxes and federal Universal Service Fund surcharges may apply. Card expires two months after first use.