Rates are published on 11-10-2011 and might have changed since then. Please contact the customer service number listed in this page (1-866-429-8800) to get the updated rates. The fees and surcharges below will reduce the value of the card. Access from payphone will incur a surcharge of 99c per call. A maintenance fee of up to 99c will be deducted after first use and every week thereafter, daily maintenance fee of 50c will also apply. Card value will be reduced for calls from toll free access lines, toll free access will incur additional 2c/min surcharge. Calls may be billed in up to 3 minute rounding. Maximum intrastate and interstate rate is 10c per minute. Card delivers 100% of minutes announced on voice prompt if used in a single call. Card has no cash value and is non refundable. Card expires on the earlier of the stated expiration date or 90 days after first use. Service provided by Next G Communication.