Rates and fees were published on 05-03-2012 and might have changed since then. Please call the customer service at 1-888-623-5458 for the latest rates and fees. Announced minutes based on use of entire card on a single call. Domestic rates range from 1c to 15c per minute. Calls made from a payphone will be charged at 99c/call. Calls placed to mobile pones or originating outside of contiguous US may be charged at higher rates. A disconnect fee of 59c will apply for calls less than 5 minutes, and $1.50 for calls 5 minutes or longer. A fee of 69c will be charged within the first two days after first use of the card and every seven days thereafter. Call time is deducted in 1 minute increments. Card expires 30 days after first use. Service provided by Blue Telecom INC.