Rates vary based on country called. Minutes are based on a single initial non-payphone call originating in the contiguous USA. A higher rate may apply to calls to wireless receivers or special service numbers. Any toll-free call originating from a payphone will be charges $0.99 per call. A $0.69 weekly maintenance fee will apply after initial use. A 2c/min charge applies to toll free access. Calls are billed in 3 minute increments. A hang up fee of 69c may apply per call. Rates for subsequent calls may be 50% higher than rate of the initial call. Federal, state and local taxes and federal universal service fund surcharges may apply . Application of surcharges or fees will reduce total minutes on card. Card expires two months after first use. For full details please call the customer service number listed in this page. Local access numbers are available from Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.