The rates and fees are published on 02-11-2010.If you are located in Canada;Alaska;Hawaii;US military bases;and US territories please dial the access number to make sure it works from your area.No connection fee;full talk time of prompted minutes provided for each call.This card charges 99c/call fee if used from a payphone.If the card is not used up in a single call; the following fees will apply: A maintenance fee of 69c/week will be applied; first one immediately after initial completed call. Call time for multiple calls are rounded to 1 minutes for the last minute of the call. A service fee of 39c per call will apply for subsequent calls. Toll free access fee of 3c/min will apply if the card has local access numbers; otherwise no fee will be charged. Card expires 6 months after first use.Service provided by Total Call USA calling cards. The toll free access number may not work from all states; if you can not access the toll free number;please use the local access numbers that are provided in PIN email.