Please see your email for PIN numbers and full instructions. If the phone card has local access numbers, they are listed in the PIN email that was sent after your purchase.
To use your phone card:
1 - Locate your toll free or local access number
2 - Dial your access number
3 - Wait for the prompt to enter your PIN. Then enter your PIN
4 - Wait for the prompt to tell you your balance, and then enter your destination number
   - For calling outside of the US, dial 011 + country code + phone number in the country your are calling
   - For calling within the US and Canada, dial 1 + phone number you are calling
   - If you are calling from another country please dial according to your location's requirements.
5 - To contact customer service of the phone card manufacturer see information above.
6 - If you want to set special features of your phone card (if they exist), such as Pinless dialing and speed dial, please read the instructions email.
7 - Please add to your address book to guarantee PIN email delivery.