Country Rate per minute Min - $
Afghanistan20.83 ¢/minute0
Afghanistan - Cellular20.83 ¢/minute0
Albania3.57 ¢/minute0
Albania - Cellular17.86 ¢/minute0
Algeria6.67 ¢/minute0
Algeria - Algiers5.56 ¢/minute0
Algeria - Cellular27.78 ¢/minute0
Angola8.33 ¢/minute0
Angola - Cellular10.42 ¢/minute0
Antigua and Barbuda10.00 ¢/minute0
Antigua and Barbuda - Cellular10.00 ¢/minute0
Argentina1.39 ¢/minute0
Argentina - Buenos Aires0.69 ¢/minute0
Argentina - Cellular12.50 ¢/minute0
Armenia8.33 ¢/minute0
Armenia - Cellular12.50 ¢/minute0
Aruba7.14 ¢/minute0
Aruba - Cellular16.67 ¢/minute0
Australia1.19 ¢/minute0
Australia - Cellular9.09 ¢/minute0
Austria2.08 ¢/minute0
Austria - Cellular5.56 ¢/minute0
Azerbaijan16.67 ¢/minute0
Azerbaijan - Cellular22.73 ¢/minute0
Bahamas7.14 ¢/minute0
Bangladesh3.13 ¢/minute0
Bangladesh - Cellular3.13 ¢/minute0
Barbados5.00 ¢/minute0
Barbados - Cellular16.67 ¢/minute0
Belarus16.67 ¢/minute0
Belarus - Cellular20.00 ¢/minute0
Belize16.67 ¢/minute0
Belize - Cellular17.86 ¢/minute0
Bolivia7.69 ¢/minute0
Bolivia - Cellular9.09 ¢/minute0
Bolivia - Cochabamba5.56 ¢/minute0
Bolivia - La Paz4.55 ¢/minute0
Bolivia - Santa Cruz5.00 ¢/minute0
Bosnia and Herzegovina9.09 ¢/minute0
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Cellular27.78 ¢/minute0
Brazil2.08 ¢/minute0
Brazil - Cellular8.33 ¢/minute0
British Virgin Islands - Cellular20.00 ¢/minute0
Bulgaria3.33 ¢/minute0
Bulgaria - Cellular27.78 ¢/minute0
Cambodia3.57 ¢/minute0
Cambodia - Cellular3.57 ¢/minute0
Cameroon11.90 ¢/minute0
Cameroon - Cellular15.15 ¢/minute0
Canada0.60 ¢/minute0
Cape Verde15.15 ¢/minute0
Cape Verde - Cellular22.73 ¢/minute0
Chad9.62 ¢/minute0
Chad Republic - Cellular20.00 ¢/minute0
Chile2.38 ¢/minute0
Chile - Cellular4.17 ¢/minute0
China0.93 ¢/minute0
China - Cellular0.93 ¢/minute0
Colombia2.50 ¢/minute0
Colombia - Cellular6.25 ¢/minute0
Costa Rica3.85 ¢/minute0
Costa Rica - Cellular3.85 ¢/minute0
Croatia1.67 ¢/minute0
Croatia - Cellular16.67 ¢/minute0
Cuba125.00 ¢/minute0
Czech Republic2.08 ¢/minute0
Czech Republic - Cellular9.62 ¢/minute0
Czech Republic - Prague2.08 ¢/minute0
Dominican Rep2.08 ¢/minute0
Dominican Rep - Cellular7.14 ¢/minute0
Ecuador7.69 ¢/minute0
Ecuador - Cellular15.63 ¢/minute0
Egypt7.14 ¢/minute0
Egypt - Cellular5.88 ¢/minute0
El Salvador9.43 ¢/minute0
El Salvador - Cellular9.43 ¢/minute0
Estonia2.08 ¢/minute0
Estonia - Cellular31.25 ¢/minute0
Ethiopia21.74 ¢/minute0
Ethiopia - Cellular21.74 ¢/minute0
Fiji Islands16.67 ¢/minute0
Fiji Islands - Cellular16.67 ¢/minute0
France1.19 ¢/minute0
France - Cellular6.67 ¢/minute0
Gabon22.73 ¢/minute0
Gabon - Cellular22.73 ¢/minute0
Gambia38.46 ¢/minute0
Gambia - Cellular31.25 ¢/minute0
Georgia4.17 ¢/minute0
Georgia - Cellular7.69 ¢/minute0
Germany1.19 ¢/minute0
Germany - Cellular10.00 ¢/minute0
Ghana20.00 ¢/minute0
Ghana - Accra20.00 ¢/minute0
Ghana - Cellular20.00 ¢/minute0
Greece1.19 ¢/minute0
Greece - Cellular8.33 ¢/minute0
Guatemala4.76 ¢/minute0
Guatemala - Cellular9.09 ¢/minute0
Guyana22.73 ¢/minute0
Guyana - Cellular20.00 ¢/minute0
Haiti20.00 ¢/minute0
Haiti - Cellular20.00 ¢/minute0
Honduras8.33 ¢/minute0
Honduras - Cellular11.36 ¢/minute0
Hong Kong0.83 ¢/minute0
Hong Kong - Cellular0.83 ¢/minute0
Hungary1.19 ¢/minute0
Hungary - Cellular7.14 ¢/minute0
India - Cellular1.67 ¢/minute0
Indonesia5.00 ¢/minute0
Indonesia - Cellular2.38 ¢/minute0
Iran5.56 ¢/minute0
Iran - Cellular8.33 ¢/minute0
Iran - Tehran5.00 ¢/minute0
Iraq3.85 ¢/minute0
Iraq - Cellular8.33 ¢/minute0
Iraq-Baghdad2.38 ¢/minute0
Ireland0.93 ¢/minute0
Ireland - Cellular22.73 ¢/minute0
Israel0.93 ¢/minute0
Israel - Cellular6.67 ¢/minute0
Italy1.19 ¢/minute0
Italy - Cellular13.16 ¢/minute0
Ivory Coast20.00 ¢/minute0
Ivory Coast - Cellular14.29 ¢/minute0
Jamaica5.56 ¢/minute0
Jamaica - Cellular9.09 ¢/minute0
Japan2.08 ¢/minute0
Japan - Cellular8.33 ¢/minute0
Jordan7.14 ¢/minute0
Jordan - Cellular9.09 ¢/minute0
Kazakhstan5.00 ¢/minute0
Kazakhstan - Cellular8.33 ¢/minute0
Kenya7.14 ¢/minute0
Kenya - Cellular5.88 ¢/minute0
Kenya - Nairobi7.58 ¢/minute0
Kyrgyzstan10.00 ¢/minute0
Kyrgyzstan - Cellular8.33 ¢/minute0
Laos4.17 ¢/minute0
Latvia2.50 ¢/minute0
Latvia - Cellular11.90 ¢/minute0
Lebanon7.69 ¢/minute0
Lebanon - Cellular15.15 ¢/minute0
Liberia - Cellular11.36 ¢/minute0
Lithuania2.78 ¢/minute0
Lithuania - Cellular8.33 ¢/minute0
Macedonia11.11 ¢/minute0
Macedonia - Cellular25.00 ¢/minute0
Malaysia1.04 ¢/minute0
Malaysia - Cellular2.78 ¢/minute0
Mali Republic18.52 ¢/minute0
Mali Republic - Cellular18.52 ¢/minute0
Mexico3.85 ¢/minute0
Mexico - Cellular5.00 ¢/minute0
Mexico - Guadalajara0.33 ¢/minute0
Mexico - Mexico City0.33 ¢/minute0
Mexico - Monterrey0.33 ¢/minute0
Mexico - Puebla3.85 ¢/minute0
Morocco1.85 ¢/minute0
Morocco - Cellular25.00 ¢/minute0
Nepal10.00 ¢/minute0
Nepal - Cellular8.33 ¢/minute0
Nicaragua9.09 ¢/minute0
Nicaragua - Cellular16.67 ¢/minute0
Niger12.50 ¢/minute0
Niger - Cellular13.16 ¢/minute0
Nigeria8.33 ¢/minute0
Nigeria - Cellular5.00 ¢/minute0
Pakistan5.00 ¢/minute0
Pakistan - Cellular5.00 ¢/minute0
Palestine14.29 ¢/minute0
Palestine - Cellular20.00 ¢/minute0
Panama2.38 ¢/minute0
Panama - Cellular11.11 ¢/minute0
Panama - Panama City2.38 ¢/minute0
Paraguay3.33 ¢/minute0
Paraguay - Asuncion3.33 ¢/minute0
Paraguay - Cellular5.00 ¢/minute0
Peru1.19 ¢/minute0
Peru - Cellular8.33 ¢/minute0
Peru - Lima1.19 ¢/minute0
Philippines11.11 ¢/minute0
Philippines - Cellular11.11 ¢/minute0
Poland0.83 ¢/minute0
Poland - Cellular16.67 ¢/minute0
Portugal1.39 ¢/minute0
Portugal - Cellular10.00 ¢/minute0
Qatar12.50 ¢/minute0
Qatar - Cellular16.67 ¢/minute0
Romania1.56 ¢/minute0
Romania - Cellular9.43 ¢/minute0
Russia2.78 ¢/minute0
Russia - Cellular4.17 ¢/minute0
Rwanda12.50 ¢/minute0
Rwanda - Cellular11.11 ¢/minute0
Saudi Arabia6.67 ¢/minute0
Saudi Arabia - Cellular10.00 ¢/minute0
Saudi Arabia - Dharan6.67 ¢/minute0
Saudi Arabia - Jeddah6.67 ¢/minute0
Saudi Arabia - Riyadh2.50 ¢/minute0
Senegal50.00 ¢/minute0
Senegal - Cellular50.00 ¢/minute0
Senegal - Dakar50.00 ¢/minute0
Serbia8.33 ¢/minute0
Serbia - Cell27.78 ¢/minute0
Singapore1.00 ¢/minute0
Singapore - Cellular1.00 ¢/minute0
South Africa2.78 ¢/minute0
South Africa - Cellular10.00 ¢/minute0
South Korea1.39 ¢/minute0
South Korea - Cellular2.94 ¢/minute0
Spain0.93 ¢/minute0
Spain - Cellular8.33 ¢/minute0
Sri Lanka7.14 ¢/minute0
Sri Lanka - Cellular10.00 ¢/minute0
St Kitts10.00 ¢/minute0
St Kitts - Cellular20.83 ¢/minute0
St. Lucia7.14 ¢/minute0
St. Lucia - Cellular17.86 ¢/minute0
St. Vincent9.09 ¢/minute0
St. Vincent and Grenada - Cellular16.67 ¢/minute0
Sudan10.00 ¢/minute0
Syria7.69 ¢/minute0
Syria - Cellular12.50 ¢/minute0
Tanzania20.00 ¢/minute0
Tanzania - Cellular20.00 ¢/minute0
Thailand0.83 ¢/minute0
Thailand - Cellular0.83 ¢/minute0
Tonga45.45 ¢/minute0
Trinidad and Tobago33.33 ¢/minute0
Trinidad and Tobago - Cellular50.00 ¢/minute0
Turkey2.08 ¢/minute0
Turkey - Cellular4.55 ¢/minute0
Uganda9.09 ¢/minute0
Uganda - Cellular8.33 ¢/minute0
UK0.69 ¢/minute0
UK - Cellular9.09 ¢/minute0
Ukraine7.14 ¢/minute0
Ukraine - Cellular8.33 ¢/minute0
United Arab Emirates11.11 ¢/minute0
United Arab Emirates - Cellular11.11 ¢/minute0
Uruguay4.55 ¢/minute0
Uruguay - Cellular14.29 ¢/minute0
USA1.67 ¢/minute0
Venezuela1.19 ¢/minute0
Venezuela - Caracas0.93 ¢/minute0
Venezuela - Cellular4.17 ¢/minute0
Vietnam3.33 ¢/minute0
Vietnam - Cellular3.33 ¢/minute0
Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City3.13 ¢/minute0
Yemen Arab Republic11.11 ¢/minute0
Yemen Arab Republic - Cellular11.11 ¢/minute0
Zaire22.73 ¢/minute0
Zaire - Cellular22.73 ¢/minute0
Zimbabwe10.00 ¢/minute0
Zimbabwe - Cellular20.83 ¢/minute0