Country Rate per minute Min - $2 Min - $5
Afghanistan15.15 ¢/minute1333
Afghanistan - Cellular15.15 ¢/minute1333
Albania4.13 ¢/minute48121
Albania - Cellular12.50 ¢/minute1640
Algeria6.58 ¢/minute3076
Algeria - Cellular27.78 ¢/minute718
American Samoa3.38 ¢/minute59148
American Samoa - Cellular3.27 ¢/minute61153
Andorra2.55 ¢/minute78196
Angola8.62 ¢/minute2358
Anguilla7.35 ¢/minute2768
Antigua and Barbuda7.58 ¢/minute2666
Argentina0.75 ¢/minute266667
Argentina - Buenos Aires0.47 ¢/minute4251064
Argentina - Cellular6.85 ¢/minute2973
Argentina - Cordoba0.66 ¢/minute303758
Armenia5.49 ¢/minute3691
Armenia - Cellular11.63 ¢/minute1743
Armenia - Yerevan5.49 ¢/minute3691
Australia0.76 ¢/minute263658
Australia - Cellular7.58 ¢/minute2666
Austria1.00 ¢/minute200500
Austria - Cellular4.24 ¢/minute47118
Azerbaijan15.15 ¢/minute1333
Azerbaijan - Cellular25.00 ¢/minute820
Bahamas7.04 ¢/minute2871
Bahrain1.37 ¢/minute146365
Bahrain - Cellular2.84 ¢/minute70176
Bangladesh2.39 ¢/minute83209
Bangladesh - Cellular3.31 ¢/minute60151
Barbados20.00 ¢/minute1025
Belarus15.15 ¢/minute1333
Belarus - Cellular15.15 ¢/minute1333
Belgium1.51 ¢/minute132332
Belgium - Cellular7.58 ¢/minute2666
Belize17.86 ¢/minute1128
Belize - Cellular17.86 ¢/minute1128
Benin17.86 ¢/minute1128
Benin - Cellular17.86 ¢/minute1128
Bhutan8.62 ¢/minute2358
Bhutan - Cellular8.62 ¢/minute2358
Bolivia6.02 ¢/minute3383
Bolivia - Cellular10.87 ¢/minute1846
Botswana7.04 ¢/minute2871
Botswana - Cellular16.13 ¢/minute1231
Brazil1.34 ¢/minute149374
Brazil - Cellular6.85 ¢/minute2973
Bulgaria2.92 ¢/minute68171
Bulgaria - Cellular27.78 ¢/minute718
Burkina Faso17.86 ¢/minute1128
Burkina Faso - Cellular21.74 ¢/minute923
Burundi5.21 ¢/minute3896
Burundi - Cellular7.35 ¢/minute2768
Cambodia2.72 ¢/minute73184
Cambodia - Cellular2.72 ¢/minute73184
Cameroon13.16 ¢/minute1538
Cameroon - Cellular16.13 ¢/minute1231
Cameroon - Douala10.42 ¢/minute1948
Canada0.79 ¢/minute253633
Cape Verde13.89 ¢/minute1436
Cape Verde - Cellular21.74 ¢/minute923
Central African Republic25.00 ¢/minute820
Chad8.93 ¢/minute2256
Chad Republic - Cellular21.74 ¢/minute923
Chile1.81 ¢/minute110277
Chile - Cellular2.58 ¢/minute77194
China0.75 ¢/minute266667
China - Cellular0.75 ¢/minute266667
Colombia2.92 ¢/minute68171
Colombia - Bagota1.21 ¢/minute165414
Colombia - Barranquilla1.21 ¢/minute165414
Colombia - Bogota1.21 ¢/minute165414
Colombia - Cali0.90 ¢/minute222556
Colombia - Cellular4.13 ¢/minute48121
Colombia - Medellin1.21 ¢/minute165414
Comoros27.78 ¢/minute718
Comoros - Cellular27.78 ¢/minute718
Congo31.25 ¢/minute616
Congo - Cellular31.25 ¢/minute616
Costa Rica2.35 ¢/minute85213
Costa Rica - Cellular3.50 ¢/minute57143
Croatia1.48 ¢/minute135338
Croatia - Cellular12.50 ¢/minute1640
Cyprus0.95 ¢/minute210527
Cyprus - Cellular2.66 ¢/minute75188
Czech Republic1.92 ¢/minute104261
Czech Republic - Cellular7.35 ¢/minute2768
Denmark1.12 ¢/minute178447
Djibouti31.25 ¢/minute616
Djibouti - Cellular31.25 ¢/minute616
Dominica7.35 ¢/minute2768
Dominican Rep2.15 ¢/minute93233
Dominican Rep - Cellular6.02 ¢/minute3383
Ecuador7.58 ¢/minute2666
Ecuador - Cellular16.13 ¢/minute1231
Egypt5.81 ¢/minute3486
Egypt - Cellular6.85 ¢/minute2973
El Salvador8.62 ¢/minute2358
El Salvador - Cellular10.87 ¢/minute1846
Equatorial Guinea16.13 ¢/minute1231
Equatorial Guinea - Cellular17.86 ¢/minute1128
Eritrea21.74 ¢/minute923
Eritrea - Cellular21.74 ¢/minute923
Estonia1.60 ¢/minute125313
Estonia - Cellular11.63 ¢/minute1743
Ethiopia50.00 ¢/minute410
Ethiopia - Cellular50.00 ¢/minute410
Finland4.24 ¢/minute47118
France0.83 ¢/minute241603
France - Cellular4.50 ¢/minute44111
Gabon13.16 ¢/minute1538
Gabon - Cellular17.86 ¢/minute1128
Gambia31.25 ¢/minute616
Gambia - Cellular31.25 ¢/minute616
Georgia2.15 ¢/minute93233
Georgia - Cellular2.66 ¢/minute75188
Germany1.03 ¢/minute194486
Germany - Cellular5.38 ¢/minute3793
Ghana15.15 ¢/minute1333
Ghana - Cellular15.15 ¢/minute1333
Greece0.88 ¢/minute227569
Greece - Cellular5.81 ¢/minute3486
Grenada6.41 ¢/minute3178
Grenada - Cellular15.15 ¢/minute1333
Guam4.50 ¢/minute44111
Guatemala4.85 ¢/minute41103
Guatemala - Cellular7.04 ¢/minute2871
Guinea25.00 ¢/minute820
Guinea - Cellular31.25 ¢/minute616
Guinea Bissau27.78 ¢/minute718
Guinea Bissau - Cellular25.00 ¢/minute820
Guyana15.15 ¢/minute1333
Guyana - Cellular17.86 ¢/minute1128
Haiti13.89 ¢/minute1436
Haiti - Cellular25.00 ¢/minute820
Honduras8.93 ¢/minute2256
Honduras - Cellular8.93 ¢/minute2256
Hong Kong1.01 ¢/minute198496
Hong Kong - Cellular0.40 ¢/minute5001250
Hungary1.01 ¢/minute198496
Hungary - Cellular6.85 ¢/minute2973
India1.12 ¢/minute178447
India - Cellular1.12 ¢/minute178447
Indonesia3.27 ¢/minute61153
Indonesia - Cellular2.66 ¢/minute75188
Indonesia - Jakarta1.94 ¢/minute103258
Indonesia - Surabaya1.94 ¢/minute103258
Iran5.21 ¢/minute3896
Iran - Cellular6.58 ¢/minute3076
Iraq3.50 ¢/minute57143
Iraq - Cellular7.94 ¢/minute2563
Iraq-Baghdad1.78 ¢/minute112281
Ireland0.66 ¢/minute303758
Israel0.76 ¢/minute263658
Israel - Cellular3.62 ¢/minute55138
Italy1.38 ¢/minute145363
Italy - Cellular8.93 ¢/minute2256
Ivory Coast16.13 ¢/minute1231
Ivory Coast - Cellular25.00 ¢/minute820
Jamaica5.21 ¢/minute3896
Jamaica - Cellular11.63 ¢/minute1743
Japan5.49 ¢/minute3691
Japan - Cellular8.93 ¢/minute2256
Jordan5.49 ¢/minute3691
Jordan - Cellular7.35 ¢/minute2768
Kenya3.55 ¢/minute56141
Kenya - Cellular5.68 ¢/minute3588
Kenya - Nairobi3.55 ¢/minute56141
Kuwait1.92 ¢/minute104261
Kuwait - Cellular3.91 ¢/minute51128
Kyrgyzstan - Cellular6.85 ¢/minute2973
Laos2.45 ¢/minute81204
Laos - Cellular2.45 ¢/minute81204
Latvia2.07 ¢/minute96241
Lebanon5.68 ¢/minute3588
Lebanon - Cellular10.87 ¢/minute1846
Lesotho - Cellular13.89 ¢/minute1436
Liberia15.15 ¢/minute1333
Liberia - Cellular12.50 ¢/minute1640
Libya16.13 ¢/minute1231
Libya - Cellular25.00 ¢/minute820
Lithuania2.35 ¢/minute85213
Lithuania - Cellular5.21 ¢/minute3896
Macau2.81 ¢/minute71178
Macau - Cellular2.81 ¢/minute71178
Macedonia8.20 ¢/minute2461
Macedonia - Cellular27.78 ¢/minute718
Madagascar31.25 ¢/minute616
Madagascar - Cellular25.00 ¢/minute820
Malawi5.81 ¢/minute3486
Malawi - Cellular6.41 ¢/minute3178
Malaysia0.66 ¢/minute303758
Malaysia - Cellular1.81 ¢/minute110277
Maldives50.00 ¢/minute410
Maldives - Cellular50.00 ¢/minute410
Mali Republic17.86 ¢/minute1128
Mali Republic - Cellular21.74 ¢/minute923
Malta1.62 ¢/minute123309
Malta - Cellular10.42 ¢/minute1948
Marshall Islands21.74 ¢/minute923
Mauritania27.78 ¢/minute718
Mauritania - Cellular27.78 ¢/minute718
Mauritius10.42 ¢/minute1948
Mauritius - Cellular10.42 ¢/minute1948
Mexico2.87 ¢/minute69174
Mexico - Cellular6.02 ¢/minute3383
Mexico - Guadalajara0.45 ¢/minute4441112
Mexico - Mexico City0.45 ¢/minute4441112
Mexico - Monterrey0.45 ¢/minute4441112
Mexico - Puebla2.87 ¢/minute69174
Micronesia15.15 ¢/minute1333
Moldova10.42 ¢/minute1948
Mongolia3.50 ¢/minute57143
Mongolia - Cellular4.00 ¢/minute50125
Montenegro11.63 ¢/minute1743
Montserrat10.42 ¢/minute1948
Montserrat - Cellular10.42 ¢/minute1948
Morocco1.23 ¢/minute162407
Morocco - Cellular31.25 ¢/minute616
Mozambique6.58 ¢/minute3076
Myanmar - Burma17.86 ¢/minute1128
Namibia5.21 ¢/minute3896
Namibia - Cellular11.63 ¢/minute1743
Nepal8.93 ¢/minute2256
Nepal - Cellular8.93 ¢/minute2256
Netherlands1.36 ¢/minute147368
Netherlands - Cellular8.20 ¢/minute2461
New Zealand1.00 ¢/minute200500
New Zealand - Cellular8.62 ¢/minute2358
Nicaragua13.16 ¢/minute1538
Nicaragua - Cellular15.15 ¢/minute1333
Niger13.16 ¢/minute1538
Niger - Cellular15.15 ¢/minute1333
Nigeria6.02 ¢/minute3383
Nigeria - Cellular5.00 ¢/minute40100
Nigeria - Lagos6.02 ¢/minute3383
Norway1.44 ¢/minute139348
Norway - Cellular8.62 ¢/minute2358
Oman7.94 ¢/minute2563
Oman - Cellular21.74 ¢/minute923
Pakistan14.29 ¢/minute1435
Pakistan - Cellular14.29 ¢/minute1435
Palau16.13 ¢/minute1231
Palestine10.87 ¢/minute1846
Palestine - Cellular13.89 ¢/minute1436
Panama2.58 ¢/minute77194
Panama - Cellular10.00 ¢/minute2050
Paraguay2.55 ¢/minute78196
Paraguay - Cellular3.50 ¢/minute57143
Peru0.85 ¢/minute235589
Peru - Cellular8.93 ¢/minute2256
Peru - Lima0.85 ¢/minute235589
Philippines7.58 ¢/minute2666
Philippines - Cellular8.20 ¢/minute2461
Poland0.75 ¢/minute266667
Poland - Cellular4.31 ¢/minute46116
Portugal0.85 ¢/minute235589
Portugal - Cellular6.58 ¢/minute3076
Puerto Rico0.68 ¢/minute294736
Qatar12.50 ¢/minute1640
Qatar - Cellular15.15 ¢/minute1333
Romania1.32 ¢/minute151379
Romania - Cellular5.68 ¢/minute3588
Russia2.26 ¢/minute88221
Russia - Cellular3.38 ¢/minute59148
Russia - Moscow1.98 ¢/minute101253
Russia - St. Petersburg1.98 ¢/minute101253
Rwanda7.35 ¢/minute2768
Rwanda - Cellular7.35 ¢/minute2768
Saudi Arabia5.21 ¢/minute3896
Saudi Arabia - Cellular7.35 ¢/minute2768
Senegal13.16 ¢/minute1538
Senegal - Cellular17.86 ¢/minute1128
Serbia7.94 ¢/minute2563
Serbia - Cell25.00 ¢/minute820
Seychelles21.74 ¢/minute923
Seychelles - Cellular21.74 ¢/minute923
Sierra Leone27.78 ¢/minute718
Sierra Leone - Cellular27.78 ¢/minute718
Singapore0.95 ¢/minute210527
Singapore - Cellular0.95 ¢/minute210527
Slovakia1.51 ¢/minute132332
Slovakia - Cellular10.42 ¢/minute1948
Slovenia1.51 ¢/minute132332
Slovenia - Cellular13.16 ¢/minute1538
Somalia31.25 ¢/minute616
Somalia - Cellular31.25 ¢/minute616
South Africa3.76 ¢/minute53133
South Africa - Cellular10.00 ¢/minute2050
South Korea1.12 ¢/minute178447
South Korea - Cellular1.94 ¢/minute103258
Spain0.73 ¢/minute274685
Spain - Cellular6.02 ¢/minute3383
Sri Lanka4.13 ¢/minute48121
Sri Lanka - Cellular6.58 ¢/minute3076
St Kitts7.94 ¢/minute2563
St Kitts - Cellular16.13 ¢/minute1231
St. Lucia6.41 ¢/minute3178
St. Lucia - Cellular16.13 ¢/minute1231
St. Pierre/Miquel16.13 ¢/minute1231
St. Pierre/Miquel - Cellular17.86 ¢/minute1128
St. Vincent7.94 ¢/minute2563
St. Vincent and Grenada - Cellular17.86 ¢/minute1128
Sudan8.93 ¢/minute2256
Sudan - Cellular10.00 ¢/minute2050
Suriname10.42 ¢/minute1948
Suriname - Cellular13.89 ¢/minute1436
Sweden0.88 ¢/minute227569
Sweden - Cellular4.50 ¢/minute44111
Switzerland1.19 ¢/minute168421
Switzerland - Cellular10.87 ¢/minute1846
Syria8.93 ¢/minute2256
Syria - Cellular11.63 ¢/minute1743
Taiwan1.19 ¢/minute168421
Taiwan - Cellular5.49 ¢/minute3691
Tajikistan10.42 ¢/minute1948
Tajikistan - Cellular7.94 ¢/minute2563
Tanzania11.63 ¢/minute1743
Tanzania - Cellular11.63 ¢/minute1743
Tanzania - Dar Es Salaam10.42 ¢/minute1948
Thailand0.95 ¢/minute210527
Thailand - Cellular0.95 ¢/minute210527
Togo27.78 ¢/minute718
Togo - Cellular27.78 ¢/minute718
Tonga31.25 ¢/minute616
Tonga - Cellular31.25 ¢/minute616
Trinidad and Tobago1.98 ¢/minute101253
Trinidad and Tobago - Cellular6.85 ¢/minute2973
Tunisia21.74 ¢/minute923
Turkey10.00 ¢/minute2050
Turkey - Cellular16.67 ¢/minute1230
Turkmenistan8.93 ¢/minute2256
Turkmenistan - Cellular8.93 ¢/minute2256
Turks and Caicos7.94 ¢/minute2563
Turks and Caicos - Cellular16.13 ¢/minute1231
Uganda7.94 ¢/minute2563
Uganda - Cellular7.94 ¢/minute2563
UK0.47 ¢/minute4251064
UK - Cellular6.58 ¢/minute3076
Ukraine5.81 ¢/minute3486
Ukraine - Cellular10.42 ¢/minute1948
United Arab Emirates10.87 ¢/minute1846
United Arab Emirates - Cellular10.87 ¢/minute1846
Uruguay3.91 ¢/minute51128
Uruguay - Cellular11.63 ¢/minute1743
USA3.01 ¢/minute66166
Uzbekistan2.15 ¢/minute93233
Uzbekistan - Cellular5.68 ¢/minute3588
Venezuela0.93 ¢/minute215538
Venezuela - Caracas0.68 ¢/minute294736
Venezuela - Cellular3.38 ¢/minute59148
Vietnam3.01 ¢/minute66166
Vietnam - Cellular3.01 ¢/minute66166
Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City2.39 ¢/minute83209
Western Samoa31.25 ¢/minute616
Western Samoa - Cellular38.46 ¢/minute513
Yemen Arab Republic10.42 ¢/minute1948
Yemen Arab Republic - Cellular10.42 ¢/minute1948
Zaire16.13 ¢/minute1231
Zaire - Cellular16.13 ¢/minute1231
Zambia5.10 ¢/minute3998
Zambia - Cellular10.00 ¢/minute2050
Zimbabwe7.58 ¢/minute2666
Zimbabwe - Cellular31.25 ¢/minute616