Country Rate per minute Min - $2 Min - $5
Afghanistan20.00 ¢/minute1025
Afghanistan - Cellular17.24 ¢/minute1129
Albania6.25 ¢/minute3280
Albania - Cellular20.00 ¢/minute1025
Albania - Tirana6.10 ¢/minute3282
Algeria4.72 ¢/minute42106
Algeria - Algiers4.72 ¢/minute42106
Algeria - Cellular29.41 ¢/minute617
American Samoa13.89 ¢/minute1436
American Samoa - Cellular13.16 ¢/minute1538
Andorra2.40 ¢/minute83208
Andorra - Cellular12.82 ¢/minute1539
Angola5.62 ¢/minute3589
Angola - Cellular6.17 ¢/minute3281
Anguilla4.81 ¢/minute41104
Anguilla - Cellular13.51 ¢/minute1437
Antigua and Barbuda7.46 ¢/minute2667
Antigua and Barbuda - Cellular25.00 ¢/minute820
Argentina1.20 ¢/minute166416
Argentina - Buenos Aires0.90 ¢/minute222555
Argentina - Cellular9.80 ¢/minute2051
Argentina - Cordoba1.20 ¢/minute166416
Armenia9.09 ¢/minute2255
Armenia - Cellular16.67 ¢/minute1230
Armenia - Yerevan9.26 ¢/minute2154
Aruba8.77 ¢/minute2257
Aruba - Cellular19.23 ¢/minute1026
Australia1.40 ¢/minute142357
Australia - Cellular8.33 ¢/minute2460
Austria1.90 ¢/minute105263
Austria - Cellular33.33 ¢/minute615
Azerbaijan20.83 ¢/minute924
Azerbaijan - Baku20.83 ¢/minute924
Azerbaijan - Cellular33.33 ¢/minute615
Bahamas20.83 ¢/minute924
Bahamas - Cellular18.52 ¢/minute1027
Bahrain1.00 ¢/minute200500
Bahrain - Cellular2.00 ¢/minute100250
Bangladesh3.11 ¢/minute64161
Bangladesh - Cellular3.11 ¢/minute64161
Bangladesh - Chittagong3.11 ¢/minute64161
Bangladesh - Dhaka3.11 ¢/minute64161
Bangladesh - Sylhet3.11 ¢/minute64161
Barbados5.62 ¢/minute3589
Barbados - Cellular13.16 ¢/minute1538
Belarus17.24 ¢/minute1129
Belarus - Cellular16.67 ¢/minute1230
Belarus - Minsk17.86 ¢/minute1128
Belgium1.90 ¢/minute105263
Belgium - Cellular5.81 ¢/minute3486
Belize23.81 ¢/minute821
Belize - Cellular23.81 ¢/minute821
Benin23.81 ¢/minute821
Benin - Cellular23.81 ¢/minute821
Bermuda3.70 ¢/minute54135
Bhutan6.33 ¢/minute3179
Bolivia4.63 ¢/minute43108
Bolivia - Cellular10.00 ¢/minute2050
Bolivia - Cochabamba4.31 ¢/minute46116
Bolivia - La Paz3.52 ¢/minute56142
Bolivia - Santa Cruz4.50 ¢/minute44111
Bosnia and Herzegovina11.90 ¢/minute1642
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Cellular27.78 ¢/minute718
Botswana9.26 ¢/minute2154
Botswana - Cellular20.83 ¢/minute924
Brazil1.30 ¢/minute153384
Brazil - Belo Horizonte0.90 ¢/minute222555
Brazil - Cellular4.42 ¢/minute45113
Brazil - Rio De Janeiro0.70 ¢/minute285714
Brazil - Sao Paulo0.90 ¢/minute222555
British Virgin Islands20.00 ¢/minute1025
Brunei2.91 ¢/minute68172
Brunei - Cell2.91 ¢/minute68172
Bulgaria4.81 ¢/minute41104
Bulgaria - Cellular35.71 ¢/minute514
Bulgaria - Sofia4.81 ¢/minute41104
Burkina Faso16.13 ¢/minute1231
Burkina Faso - Cellular20.00 ¢/minute1025
Burundi7.25 ¢/minute2769
Burundi - Cellular9.80 ¢/minute2051
Cambodia2.50 ¢/minute80200
Cambodia - Cellular2.50 ¢/minute80200
Cambodia - Phnom Penh2.50 ¢/minute80200
Cameroon18.52 ¢/minute1027
Cameroon - Cellular22.73 ¢/minute822
Cameroon - Douala18.52 ¢/minute1027
Canada0.60 ¢/minute333833
Cape Verde20.00 ¢/minute1025
Cape Verde - Cellular23.81 ¢/minute821
Cayman Islands5.95 ¢/minute3384
Cayman Islands - Cellular15.15 ¢/minute1333
Central African Republic31.25 ¢/minute616
Chad16.67 ¢/minute1230
Chad Republic - Cellular27.78 ¢/minute718
Chile2.50 ¢/minute80200
Chile - Cellular2.91 ¢/minute68172
China0.90 ¢/minute222555
China - Cellular0.90 ¢/minute222555
Christmas Island125.00 ¢/minute14
Colombia1.90 ¢/minute105263
Colombia - Barranquilla1.20 ¢/minute166416
Colombia - Bogota0.80 ¢/minute250625
Colombia - Cali0.80 ¢/minute250625
Colombia - Cellular5.56 ¢/minute3690
Colombia - Medellin0.90 ¢/minute222555
Colombia - Palmira1.50 ¢/minute133333
Colombia - Pereira1.40 ¢/minute142357
Comoros33.33 ¢/minute615
Congo35.71 ¢/minute514
Cook Island71.43 ¢/minute27
Cook Island - Cellular125.00 ¢/minute14
Costa Rica0.90 ¢/minute222555
Costa Rica - Cellular3.31 ¢/minute60151
Croatia1.50 ¢/minute133333
Croatia - Cellular14.71 ¢/minute1334
Cuba100.00 ¢/minute25
Cyprus1.10 ¢/minute181454
Cyprus - Cellular3.70 ¢/minute54135
Czech Republic2.20 ¢/minute90227
Czech Republic - Cellular8.06 ¢/minute2462
Czech Republic - Prague2.40 ¢/minute83208
Denmark1.40 ¢/minute142357
Denmark - Cellular8.62 ¢/minute2358
Djibouti38.46 ¢/minute513
Djibouti - Cellular35.71 ¢/minute514
Dominica5.00 ¢/minute40100
Dominica - Cellular15.63 ¢/minute1232
Dominican Rep1.70 ¢/minute117294
Dominican Rep - Cellular5.56 ¢/minute3690
Ecuador6.41 ¢/minute3178
Ecuador - Cellular14.71 ¢/minute1334
Ecuador - Cuenca6.41 ¢/minute3178
Ecuador - Guayaquil6.41 ¢/minute3178
Ecuador - Quito6.41 ¢/minute3178
Egypt5.00 ¢/minute40100
Egypt - Cellular5.00 ¢/minute40100
El Salvador11.63 ¢/minute1743
El Salvador - Cellular11.63 ¢/minute1743
Equatorial Guinea22.73 ¢/minute822
Eritrea16.67 ¢/minute1230
Eritrea - Cellular16.67 ¢/minute1230
Estonia1.90 ¢/minute105263
Estonia - Cellular21.74 ¢/minute923
Ethiopia20.00 ¢/minute1025
Ethiopia - Cellular20.00 ¢/minute1025
Falkland Islands55.56 ¢/minute39
Faroe Islands29.41 ¢/minute617
Fiji Islands29.41 ¢/minute617
Fiji Islands - Cellular19.23 ¢/minute1026
Finland3.01 ¢/minute66166
Finland - Cellular5.43 ¢/minute3692
France0.88 ¢/minute226565
France - Cellular3.91 ¢/minute51128
French Antilles2.10 ¢/minute95238
French Antilles - Cellular6.17 ¢/minute3281
French Guiana2.91 ¢/minute68172
French Guiana - Cellular6.76 ¢/minute2974
French Polynesia29.41 ¢/minute617
French Polynesia - Cellular35.71 ¢/minute514
Gambia41.67 ¢/minute412
Gambia - Cellular41.67 ¢/minute412
Georgia3.70 ¢/minute54135
Georgia - Cellular6.85 ¢/minute2973
Georgia - Tbilisi2.30 ¢/minute86217
Germany1.30 ¢/minute153384
Germany - Cellular5.56 ¢/minute3690
Ghana16.67 ¢/minute1230
Ghana - Accra16.67 ¢/minute1230
Ghana - Cellular16.67 ¢/minute1230
Gibraltar3.91 ¢/minute51128
Gibraltar - Cellular4.31 ¢/minute46116
Greece1.40 ¢/minute142357
Greece - Athens1.40 ¢/minute142357
Greece - Cellular33.33 ¢/minute615
Greenland62.50 ¢/minute38
Greenland - Cellular55.56 ¢/minute39
Grenada4.72 ¢/minute42106
Grenada - Cellular14.71 ¢/minute1334
Guadeloupe2.50 ¢/minute80200
Guadeloupe - Cellular5.43 ¢/minute3692
Guam1.90 ¢/minute105263
Guatemala6.94 ¢/minute2872
Guatemala - Cellular6.94 ¢/minute2872
Guinea35.71 ¢/minute514
Guinea - Cellular35.71 ¢/minute514
Guinea Bissau20.83 ¢/minute924
Guinea Bissau - Cellular17.24 ¢/minute1129
Guyana21.74 ¢/minute923
Guyana - Cellular21.74 ¢/minute923
Haiti20.00 ¢/minute1025
Haiti - Cellular20.00 ¢/minute1025
Hawaii1.60 ¢/minute124312
Honduras9.09 ¢/minute2255
Honduras - Cellular9.09 ¢/minute2255
Hong Kong0.80 ¢/minute250625
Hong Kong - Cellular0.80 ¢/minute250625
Hungary1.30 ¢/minute153384
Hungary - Budapest1.30 ¢/minute153384
Hungary - Cellular6.17 ¢/minute3281
Iceland1.90 ¢/minute105263
Iceland - Cellular7.69 ¢/minute2665
India1.10 ¢/minute181454
India - Ahmadabad1.10 ¢/minute181454
India - Bangalore1.10 ¢/minute181454
India - Bombay1.10 ¢/minute181454
India - Calcutta1.10 ¢/minute181454
India - Cellular1.10 ¢/minute181454
India - Hyderabad1.10 ¢/minute181454
India - Madras1.10 ¢/minute181454
India - New Delhi1.10 ¢/minute181454
Indonesia2.10 ¢/minute95238
Indonesia - Cellular1.50 ¢/minute133333
Indonesia - Denpasar2.10 ¢/minute95238
Indonesia - Jakarta1.20 ¢/minute166416
Indonesia - Surabaya1.30 ¢/minute153384
Iran5.56 ¢/minute3690
Iran - Cellular7.58 ¢/minute2666
Iran - Tehran5.95 ¢/minute3384
Iraq7.14 ¢/minute2870
Iraq - Cellular12.50 ¢/minute1640
Iraq-Baghdad7.14 ¢/minute2870
Ireland1.10 ¢/minute181454
Ireland - Cellular9.62 ¢/minute2052
Israel0.70 ¢/minute285714
Israel - Cellular6.76 ¢/minute2974
Italy1.30 ¢/minute153384
Italy - Cellular3.01 ¢/minute66166
Ivory Coast27.78 ¢/minute718
Ivory Coast - Cellular27.78 ¢/minute718
Jamaica4.13 ¢/minute48121
Jamaica - Cellular14.29 ¢/minute1435
Japan2.70 ¢/minute74185
Japan - Cellular10.00 ¢/minute2050
Jordan6.67 ¢/minute3075
Jordan - Amman6.67 ¢/minute3075
Jordan - Cellular6.67 ¢/minute3075
Kazakhstan2.30 ¢/minute86217
Kazakhstan - Cellular5.43 ¢/minute3692
Kenya6.02 ¢/minute3383
Kenya - Cellular6.02 ¢/minute3383
Kenya - Nairobi6.02 ¢/minute3383
Kiribati62.50 ¢/minute38
Kiribati - Cellular125.00 ¢/minute14
Kuwait2.00 ¢/minute100250
Kuwait - Cellular2.60 ¢/minute76192
Kyrgyzstan8.06 ¢/minute2462
Kyrgyzstan - Cellular11.11 ¢/minute1845
Laos2.20 ¢/minute90227
Laos - Cellular2.20 ¢/minute90227
Latvia2.20 ¢/minute90227
Latvia - Cellular7.94 ¢/minute2563
Lebanon5.95 ¢/minute3384
Lebanon - Cellular11.90 ¢/minute1642
Lesotho18.52 ¢/minute1027
Liberia29.41 ¢/minute617
Liberia - Cellular29.41 ¢/minute617
Libya22.73 ¢/minute822
Libya - Cellular33.33 ¢/minute615
Liechtenstein7.81 ¢/minute2564
Liechtenstein - Cellular38.46 ¢/minute513
Lithuania2.20 ¢/minute90227
Lithuania - Cellular4.13 ¢/minute48121
Luxembourg11.63 ¢/minute1743
Luxembourg - Cellular71.43 ¢/minute27
Macau3.70 ¢/minute54135
Macau - Cellular3.52 ¢/minute56142
Macedonia8.77 ¢/minute2257
Macedonia - Cellular33.33 ¢/minute615
Madagascar50.00 ¢/minute410
Madagascar - Cellular38.46 ¢/minute513
Malawi8.47 ¢/minute2359
Malawi - Cellular8.33 ¢/minute2460
Malaysia1.00 ¢/minute200500
Malaysia - Cellular2.70 ¢/minute74185
Maldives62.50 ¢/minute38
Mali Republic16.67 ¢/minute1230
Mali Republic - Cellular20.00 ¢/minute1025
Malta1.90 ¢/minute105263
Malta - Cellular9.62 ¢/minute2052
Marshall Islands26.32 ¢/minute719
Mauritania45.45 ¢/minute411
Mauritius13.16 ¢/minute1538
Mayotte Island83.33 ¢/minute26
Mexico2.20 ¢/minute90227
Mexico - Cellular3.31 ¢/minute60151
Mexico - Guadalajara0.30 ¢/minute6661666
Mexico - Mexico City0.30 ¢/minute6661666
Mexico - Monterrey0.30 ¢/minute6661666
Mexico - Puebla1.00 ¢/minute200500
Micronesia21.74 ¢/minute923
Moldova13.16 ¢/minute1538
Moldova - Cellular17.86 ¢/minute1128
Monaco3.40 ¢/minute58147
Monaco - Cellular35.71 ¢/minute514
Mongolia3.11 ¢/minute64161
Mongolia - Cellular3.11 ¢/minute64161
Montenegro14.29 ¢/minute1435
Montenegro - Cellular31.25 ¢/minute616
Montserrat14.71 ¢/minute1334
Morocco2.50 ¢/minute80200
Morocco - Cellular22.73 ¢/minute822
Mozambique4.50 ¢/minute44111
Mozambique - Cellular9.09 ¢/minute2255
Myanmar - Burma18.52 ¢/minute1027
Myanmar / Burma - Cellular17.86 ¢/minute1128
Namibia4.90 ¢/minute40102
Namibia - Cellular5.95 ¢/minute3384
Nauru83.33 ¢/minute26
Nauru - Cellular100.00 ¢/minute25
Nepal10.64 ¢/minute1847
Nepal - Cellular10.64 ¢/minute1847
Nepal - Katmandu10.64 ¢/minute1847
Netherlands1.50 ¢/minute133333
Netherlands - Cellular6.25 ¢/minute3280
Netherlands Antilles8.62 ¢/minute2358
New Caledonia19.23 ¢/minute1026
New Zealand1.20 ¢/minute166416
New Zealand - Cellular7.04 ¢/minute2871
Nicaragua12.50 ¢/minute1640
Nicaragua - Cellular16.67 ¢/minute1230
Niger15.15 ¢/minute1333
Nigeria6.17 ¢/minute3281
Nigeria - Cellular5.43 ¢/minute3692
Nigeria - Lagos6.17 ¢/minute3281
Niue50.00 ¢/minute410
Niue - Cellular45.45 ¢/minute411
Norfolk125.00 ¢/minute14
Norfolk - Cellular125.00 ¢/minute14
North Korea71.43 ¢/minute27
Norway1.60 ¢/minute124312
Norway - Cellular9.80 ¢/minute2051
Oman16.67 ¢/minute1230
Pakistan16.13 ¢/minute1231
Pakistan - Cellular16.13 ¢/minute1231
Pakistan - Islamabad16.13 ¢/minute1231
Pakistan - Karachi16.13 ¢/minute1231
Palau25.00 ¢/minute820
Palestine11.36 ¢/minute1744
Palestine - Cellular12.50 ¢/minute1640
Panama3.21 ¢/minute62156
Panama - Cellular11.11 ¢/minute1845
Panama - Panama City3.21 ¢/minute62156
Papua New Guinea62.50 ¢/minute38
Papua New Guinea - Cellular125.00 ¢/minute14
Paraguay3.91 ¢/minute51128
Paraguay - Asuncion3.70 ¢/minute54135
Paraguay - Cellular9.62 ¢/minute2052
Peru1.10 ¢/minute181454
Peru - Cellular9.80 ¢/minute2051
Peru - Lima0.80 ¢/minute250625
Philippines7.46 ¢/minute2667
Philippines - Cellular6.85 ¢/minute2973
Poland1.00 ¢/minute200500
Poland - Cellular3.91 ¢/minute51128
Portugal0.80 ¢/minute250625
Portugal - Cellular4.13 ¢/minute48121
Puerto Rico1.10 ¢/minute181454
Qatar14.29 ¢/minute1435
Qatar - Cellular14.29 ¢/minute1435
Reunion Island5.95 ¢/minute3384
Reunion Island - Cellular12.20 ¢/minute1641
Romania2.20 ¢/minute90227
Romania - Bucharest1.90 ¢/minute105263
Romania - Cellular3.82 ¢/minute52131
Russia1.70 ¢/minute117294
Russia - Cellular3.40 ¢/minute58147
Russia - Moscow1.00 ¢/minute200500
Russia - St. Petersburg0.80 ¢/minute250625
Rwanda12.20 ¢/minute1641
Rwanda - Cellular11.90 ¢/minute1642
San Marino2.60 ¢/minute76192
San Marino - Cellular55.56 ¢/minute39
Sao Tome125.00 ¢/minute14
Saudi Arabia5.75 ¢/minute3487
Saudi Arabia - Cellular6.76 ¢/minute2974
Saudi Arabia - Dharan5.75 ¢/minute3487
Saudi Arabia - Jeddah5.75 ¢/minute3487
Saudi Arabia - Makkah5.75 ¢/minute3487
Saudi Arabia - Riyadh1.60 ¢/minute124312
Senegal29.41 ¢/minute617
Senegal - Cellular29.41 ¢/minute617
Senegal - Dakar29.41 ¢/minute617
Serbia6.67 ¢/minute3075
Serbia - Cell21.74 ¢/minute923
Seychelles27.78 ¢/minute718
Seychelles - Cellular27.78 ¢/minute718
Sierra Leone29.41 ¢/minute617
Sierra Leone - Cellular29.41 ¢/minute617
Singapore1.00 ¢/minute200500
Singapore - Cellular1.00 ¢/minute200500
Slovakia1.50 ¢/minute133333
Slovakia - Cellular9.09 ¢/minute2255
Slovenia6.41 ¢/minute3178
Slovenia - Cellular31.25 ¢/minute616
Solomon Island - Cellular100.00 ¢/minute25
Solomon Islands125.00 ¢/minute14
Somalia33.33 ¢/minute615
South Africa2.10 ¢/minute95238
South Africa - Cellular8.93 ¢/minute2256
South Korea1.90 ¢/minute105263
South Korea - Cellular4.20 ¢/minute47119
Spain1.30 ¢/minute153384
Spain - Cellular8.33 ¢/minute2460
Sri Lanka5.81 ¢/minute3486
Sri Lanka - Cellular6.76 ¢/minute2974
St Kitts5.95 ¢/minute3384
St Kitts - Cellular16.67 ¢/minute1230
St. Helena45.45 ¢/minute411
St. Lucia4.20 ¢/minute47119
St. Lucia - Cellular13.16 ¢/minute1538
St. Pierre/Miquel27.78 ¢/minute718
St. Vincent4.90 ¢/minute40102
St. Vincent and Grenada - Cellular15.15 ¢/minute1333
Sudan17.86 ¢/minute1128
Sudan - Cellular25.00 ¢/minute820
Suriname13.16 ¢/minute1538
Suriname - Cellular19.23 ¢/minute1026
Swaziland13.16 ¢/minute1538
Swaziland - Cellular29.41 ¢/minute617
Sweden1.00 ¢/minute200500
Sweden - Cellular4.50 ¢/minute44111
Switzerland1.70 ¢/minute117294
Switzerland - Cellular13.16 ¢/minute1538
Syria6.41 ¢/minute3178
Syria - Cellular10.87 ¢/minute1846
Taiwan1.40 ¢/minute142357
Taiwan - Cellular6.76 ¢/minute2974
Tajikistan6.17 ¢/minute3281
Tajikistan - Cellular6.41 ¢/minute3178
Tanzania27.78 ¢/minute718
Tanzania - Cellular19.23 ¢/minute1026
Tanzania - Dar Es Salaam27.78 ¢/minute718
Thailand1.70 ¢/minute117294
Thailand - Bangkok1.70 ¢/minute117294
Thailand - Cellular1.70 ¢/minute117294
Togo29.41 ¢/minute617
Togo - Cellular29.41 ¢/minute617
Tokelau38.46 ¢/minute513
Tonga41.67 ¢/minute412
Tonga - Cellular45.45 ¢/minute411
Trinidad and Tobago22.73 ¢/minute822
Trinidad and Tobago - Cellular22.73 ¢/minute822
Tunisia27.78 ¢/minute718
Tunisia - Cellular38.46 ¢/minute513
Turkey1.20 ¢/minute166416
Turkey - Ankara1.00 ¢/minute200500
Turkey - Cellular11.36 ¢/minute1744
Turkey - Istanbul1.00 ¢/minute200500
Turkmenistan10.20 ¢/minute1949
Turks and Caicos15.15 ¢/minute1333
Turks and Caicos - Cellular12.20 ¢/minute1641
Tuvalu55.56 ¢/minute39
Tuvalu - Cellular125.00 ¢/minute14
Uganda5.95 ¢/minute3384
Uganda - Cellular8.93 ¢/minute2256
UK0.80 ¢/minute250625
UK - Cellular11.11 ¢/minute1845
Ukraine6.67 ¢/minute3075
Ukraine - Cellular6.85 ¢/minute2973
United Arab Emirates11.63 ¢/minute1743
United Arab Emirates - Cellular11.11 ¢/minute1845
Uruguay3.70 ¢/minute54135
Uruguay - Cellular9.43 ¢/minute2153
Uruguay - Montevideo2.60 ¢/minute76192
USA1.00 ¢/minute200500
Uzbekistan5.21 ¢/minute3896
Uzbekistan - Cellular5.81 ¢/minute3486
Venezuela1.20 ¢/minute166416
Venezuela - Caracas1.00 ¢/minute200500
Venezuela - Cellular4.63 ¢/minute43108
Vietnam2.60 ¢/minute76192
Vietnam - Cellular2.60 ¢/minute76192
Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City2.60 ¢/minute76192
Western Samoa45.45 ¢/minute411
Western Samoa - Cellular50.00 ¢/minute410
Yemen Arab Republic11.11 ¢/minute1845
Yemen Arab Republic - Cellular11.11 ¢/minute1845
Zaire31.25 ¢/minute616
Zaire - Cellular27.78 ¢/minute718
Zambia7.25 ¢/minute2769
Zambia - Cellular16.13 ¢/minute1231
Zimbabwe55.56 ¢/minute39
Zimbabwe - Cellular55.56 ¢/minute39