Country Rate per minute Min - $2 Min - $5
Afghanistan18.52 ¢/minute1027
Afghanistan - Cellular16.13 ¢/minute1231
Albania3.47 ¢/minute57144
Albania - Cellular14.29 ¢/minute1435
Albania - Tirana3.18 ¢/minute62157
Algeria4.27 ¢/minute46117
Algeria - Algiers4.27 ¢/minute46117
Algeria - Cellular27.78 ¢/minute718
Angola5.10 ¢/minute3998
Angola - Cellular5.56 ¢/minute3690
Anguilla4.39 ¢/minute45114
Anguilla - Cellular12.50 ¢/minute1640
Antigua and Barbuda22.73 ¢/minute822
Antigua and Barbuda - Cellular22.73 ¢/minute822
Bahrain0.91 ¢/minute220550
Bahrain - Cellular1.82 ¢/minute110275
Bangladesh2.82 ¢/minute70177
Bangladesh - Cellular2.82 ¢/minute70177
Barbados5.10 ¢/minute3998
Barbados - Cellular12.20 ¢/minute1641
Bhutan5.75 ¢/minute3487
Bolivia4.20 ¢/minute47119
Bolivia - Cellular9.09 ¢/minute2255
Bolivia - Cochabamba3.94 ¢/minute50127
Bolivia - La Paz3.18 ¢/minute62157
Bolivia - Santa Cruz4.10 ¢/minute48122
Brazil1.18 ¢/minute169423
Brazil - Cellular4.00 ¢/minute50125
Brazil - Rio De Janeiro0.64 ¢/minute314785
Burkina Faso14.71 ¢/minute1334
Burkina Faso - Cellular18.52 ¢/minute1027
Cambodia2.70 ¢/minute74185
Cambodia - Cellular2.70 ¢/minute74185
Cameroon - Cellular20.83 ¢/minute924
Cape Verde18.52 ¢/minute1027
Cape Verde - Cellular21.74 ¢/minute923
Colombia1.73 ¢/minute115289
Colombia - Bogota0.73 ¢/minute274687
Colombia - Cali0.73 ¢/minute274687
Colombia - Cellular5.00 ¢/minute40100
Costa Rica0.82 ¢/minute244611
Costa Rica - Cellular3.01 ¢/minute66166
Cuba100.00 ¢/minute25
Cuba - Cellular100.00 ¢/minute25
Dominica4.55 ¢/minute44110
Dominica - Cellular14.29 ¢/minute1435
Dominican Rep1.55 ¢/minute129323
Dominican Rep - Cellular5.00 ¢/minute40100
Ecuador5.88 ¢/minute3485
Ecuador - Cellular13.51 ¢/minute1437
Egypt4.55 ¢/minute44110
Egypt - Cellular4.55 ¢/minute44110
El Salvador10.64 ¢/minute1847
El Salvador - Cellular10.64 ¢/minute1847
Eritrea15.15 ¢/minute1333
Eritrea - Cellular15.15 ¢/minute1333
Ethiopia18.52 ¢/minute1027
Ethiopia - Cellular18.52 ¢/minute1027
Gambia38.46 ¢/minute513
Gambia - Cellular38.46 ¢/minute513
Ghana15.15 ¢/minute1333
Ghana - Cellular15.15 ¢/minute1333
Grenada4.27 ¢/minute46117
Grenada - Cellular13.51 ¢/minute1437
Guatemala4.55 ¢/minute44110
Guatemala - Cellular4.55 ¢/minute44110
Guinea33.33 ¢/minute615
Guinea - Cellular33.33 ¢/minute615
Guyana20.00 ¢/minute1025
Guyana - Cellular20.00 ¢/minute1025
Haiti18.52 ¢/minute1027
Haiti - Cellular18.52 ¢/minute1027
Honduras8.20 ¢/minute2461
Honduras - Cellular8.20 ¢/minute2461
India1.00 ¢/minute200500
India - Cellular1.00 ¢/minute200500
Indonesia1.92 ¢/minute104261
Indonesia - Cellular1.37 ¢/minute146366
Iran5.00 ¢/minute40100
Iran - Cellular6.85 ¢/minute2973
Iran - Tehran5.38 ¢/minute3793
Iraq6.25 ¢/minute3280
Iraq - Cellular14.29 ¢/minute1435
Iraq-Baghdad5.88 ¢/minute3485
Israel0.64 ¢/minute314785
Israel - Cellular6.10 ¢/minute3282
Ivory Coast26.32 ¢/minute719
Ivory Coast - Cellular26.32 ¢/minute719
Jamaica3.73 ¢/minute53134
Jamaica - Cellular10.87 ¢/minute1846
Jordan6.02 ¢/minute3383
Jordan - Cellular6.02 ¢/minute3383
Kazakhstan2.09 ¢/minute95239
Kenya5.49 ¢/minute3691
Kenya - Cellular5.49 ¢/minute3691
Kuwait1.82 ¢/minute110275
Kuwait - Cellular2.37 ¢/minute84211
Laos22.73 ¢/minute822
Laos - Cellular22.73 ¢/minute822
Lebanon5.38 ¢/minute3793
Lebanon - Cellular10.87 ¢/minute1846
Liberia27.78 ¢/minute718
Liberia - Cellular27.78 ¢/minute718
Mali Republic15.15 ¢/minute1333
Mali Republic - Cellular18.52 ¢/minute1027
Mexico2.00 ¢/minute100250
Mexico - Cellular3.01 ¢/minute66166
Mexico - Guadalajara0.91 ¢/minute220550
Mexico - Mexico City0.27 ¢/minute7331833
Mexico - Monterrey0.27 ¢/minute7331833
Mexico - Puebla0.91 ¢/minute220550
Mongolia2.82 ¢/minute70177
Mongolia - Cellular2.82 ¢/minute70177
Montenegro20.00 ¢/minute1025
Morocco2.27 ¢/minute88220
Morocco - Cellular20.83 ¢/minute924
Mozambique4.10 ¢/minute48122
Mozambique - Cellular8.20 ¢/minute2461
Myanmar - Burma17.24 ¢/minute1129
Myanmar / Burma - Cellular16.67 ¢/minute1230
Namibia4.46 ¢/minute44112
Namibia - Cellular5.38 ¢/minute3793
Nepal9.80 ¢/minute2051
Nepal - Cellular9.80 ¢/minute2051
Nevis Islands5.38 ¢/minute3793
Nevis Islands - Cellular15.15 ¢/minute1333
Nicaragua11.36 ¢/minute1744
Nicaragua - Cellular15.15 ¢/minute1333
Niger13.89 ¢/minute1436
Nigeria5.56 ¢/minute3690
Nigeria - Cellular4.20 ¢/minute47119
Nigeria - Lagos5.56 ¢/minute3690
Oman15.15 ¢/minute1333
Pakistan14.71 ¢/minute1334
Pakistan - Cellular14.71 ¢/minute1334
Palestine10.42 ¢/minute1948
Palestine - Cellular11.36 ¢/minute1744
Peru1.00 ¢/minute200500
Peru - Cellular8.93 ¢/minute2256
Philippines6.25 ¢/minute3280
Philippines - Cellular6.25 ¢/minute3280
Poland0.91 ¢/minute220550
Poland - Cellular3.55 ¢/minute56141
Portugal1.25 ¢/minute160400
Portugal - Cellular8.33 ¢/minute2460
Qatar12.82 ¢/minute1539
Qatar - Cellular12.82 ¢/minute1539
Russia1.55 ¢/minute129323
Russia - Cellular3.11 ¢/minute64161
Saudi Arabia5.21 ¢/minute3896
Saudi Arabia - Cellular6.10 ¢/minute3282
Saudi Arabia - Riyadh1.46 ¢/minute137343
Senegal27.78 ¢/minute718
Senegal - Cellular27.78 ¢/minute718
Serbia6.02 ¢/minute3383
Sierra Leone27.78 ¢/minute718
Sierra Leone - Cellular27.78 ¢/minute718
Slovakia1.37 ¢/minute146366
Slovakia - Cellular8.20 ¢/minute2461
Somalia31.25 ¢/minute616
South Africa1.92 ¢/minute104261
South Africa - Cellular8.20 ¢/minute2461
Sri Lanka5.32 ¢/minute3794
Sri Lanka - Cellular6.10 ¢/minute3282
St Kitts5.38 ¢/minute3793
St Kitts - Cellular15.15 ¢/minute1333
St. Lucia3.85 ¢/minute52130
St. Lucia - Cellular12.20 ¢/minute1641
St. Vincent4.46 ¢/minute44112
St. Vincent and Grenada - Cellular13.89 ¢/minute1436
Sudan20.00 ¢/minute1025
Sudan - Cellular19.23 ¢/minute1026
Syria11.11 ¢/minute1845
Syria - Cellular17.86 ¢/minute1128
Tajikistan5.56 ¢/minute3690
Tajikistan - Cellular5.88 ¢/minute3485
Togo27.78 ¢/minute718
Togo - Cellular27.78 ¢/minute718
Trinidad and Tobago10.42 ¢/minute1948
Trinidad and Tobago - Cellular21.74 ¢/minute923
Turkey1.09 ¢/minute183458
Turkey - Ankara0.91 ¢/minute220550
Uganda5.38 ¢/minute3793
Uganda - Cellular8.20 ¢/minute2461
Ukraine6.02 ¢/minute3383
Ukraine - Cellular7.14 ¢/minute2870
United Arab Emirates10.64 ¢/minute1847
United Arab Emirates - Cellular10.20 ¢/minute1949
Uruguay3.38 ¢/minute59148
Uruguay - Cellular8.62 ¢/minute2358
Vietnam2.37 ¢/minute84211
Vietnam - Cellular2.37 ¢/minute84211
Yemen Arab Republic10.20 ¢/minute1949
Yemen Arab Republic - Cellular10.20 ¢/minute1949