Country Rate per minute Min - $5
Afghanistan25.00 ¢/minute20
Afghanistan - Cellular25.00 ¢/minute20
Algeria8.33 ¢/minute60
Algeria - Algiers8.33 ¢/minute60
Algeria - Cellular41.67 ¢/minute12
Angola10.00 ¢/minute50
Angola - Cellular11.11 ¢/minute45
Argentina1.59 ¢/minute315
Argentina - Buenos Aires1.43 ¢/minute350
Argentina - Cellular11.11 ¢/minute45
Argentina - Cordoba1.43 ¢/minute350
Aruba11.11 ¢/minute45
Aruba - Cellular25.00 ¢/minute20
Bahamas10.00 ¢/minute50
Bahamas - Cellular21.74 ¢/minute23
Bangladesh2.94 ¢/minute170
Bangladesh - Cellular2.94 ¢/minute170
Bangladesh - Chittagong2.94 ¢/minute170
Bangladesh - Dhaka2.94 ¢/minute170
Bangladesh - Sylhet2.94 ¢/minute170
Belgium1.67 ¢/minute300
Belgium - Cellular10.00 ¢/minute50
Belize26.32 ¢/minute19
Belize - Cellular31.25 ¢/minute16
Bermuda4.76 ¢/minute105
Bolivia8.33 ¢/minute60
Bolivia - Cellular14.29 ¢/minute35
Bolivia - Cochabamba6.67 ¢/minute75
Bolivia - La Paz6.67 ¢/minute75
Bolivia - Santa Cruz6.67 ¢/minute75
Botswana10.00 ¢/minute50
Botswana - Cellular23.81 ¢/minute21
Brazil2.00 ¢/minute250
Brazil - Belo Horizonte1.25 ¢/minute400
Brazil - Cellular6.25 ¢/minute80
Brazil - Rio De Janeiro1.25 ¢/minute400
Brazil - Sao Paulo1.25 ¢/minute400
Burkina Faso23.81 ¢/minute21
Burkina Faso - Cellular23.81 ¢/minute21
Cambodia3.57 ¢/minute140
Cambodia - Cellular3.57 ¢/minute140
Cameroon14.29 ¢/minute35
Cameroon - Cellular21.74 ¢/minute23
Cameroon - Douala14.29 ¢/minute35
Central African Republic41.67 ¢/minute12
Chad25.00 ¢/minute20
Chad Republic - Cellular25.00 ¢/minute20
Chile2.00 ¢/minute250
Chile - Cellular3.85 ¢/minute130
China1.47 ¢/minute340
Colombia2.50 ¢/minute200
Colombia - Barranquilla1.89 ¢/minute265
Colombia - Bogota1.89 ¢/minute265
Colombia - Cali1.89 ¢/minute265
Colombia - Cellular4.76 ¢/minute105
Colombia - Medellin1.89 ¢/minute265
Colombia - Palmira2.50 ¢/minute200
Colombia - Pereira2.50 ¢/minute200
Congo38.46 ¢/minute13
Congo - Cellular38.46 ¢/minute13
Costa Rica1.43 ¢/minute350
Costa Rica - Cellular4.55 ¢/minute110
Cuba71.43 ¢/minute7
Cuba - Cellular71.43 ¢/minute7
Dominican Rep1.67 ¢/minute300
Dominican Rep - Cellular7.69 ¢/minute65
Ecuador10.00 ¢/minute50
Ecuador - Cellular21.74 ¢/minute23
Ecuador - Cuenca10.00 ¢/minute50
Ecuador - Guayaquil10.00 ¢/minute50
Ecuador - Quito10.00 ¢/minute50
Egypt7.69 ¢/minute65
Egypt - Cellular7.69 ¢/minute65
El Salvador14.29 ¢/minute35
El Salvador - Cellular16.67 ¢/minute30
Ethiopia25.00 ¢/minute20
Ethiopia - Cellular25.00 ¢/minute20
Finland5.00 ¢/minute100
Finland - Cellular9.09 ¢/minute55
France1.67 ¢/minute300
France - Cellular5.56 ¢/minute90
Gambia41.67 ¢/minute12
Gambia - Cellular41.67 ¢/minute12
Georgia6.25 ¢/minute80
Georgia - Cellular12.50 ¢/minute40
Georgia - Tbilisi6.25 ¢/minute80
Germany1.82 ¢/minute275
Germany - Cellular6.67 ¢/minute75
Ghana20.00 ¢/minute25
Ghana - Accra20.00 ¢/minute25
Ghana - Cellular20.00 ¢/minute25
Greece1.82 ¢/minute275
Greece - Athens1.82 ¢/minute275
Greece - Cellular6.25 ¢/minute80
Guatemala7.14 ¢/minute70
Guatemala - Cellular14.29 ¢/minute35
Guinea38.46 ¢/minute13
Guinea - Cellular38.46 ¢/minute13
Guinea Bissau71.43 ¢/minute7
Guinea Bissau - Cellular71.43 ¢/minute7
Haiti20.00 ¢/minute25
Haiti - Cellular25.00 ¢/minute20
Honduras11.11 ¢/minute45
Honduras - Cellular13.16 ¢/minute38
Hong Kong1.00 ¢/minute500
Hong Kong - Cellular1.00 ¢/minute500
India1.11 ¢/minute450
India - Cellular1.11 ¢/minute450
Indonesia6.67 ¢/minute75
Indonesia - Cellular4.00 ¢/minute125
Indonesia - Denpasar4.00 ¢/minute125
Indonesia - Jakarta2.38 ¢/minute210
Indonesia - Surabaya2.38 ¢/minute210
Iran10.00 ¢/minute50
Iran - Cellular14.29 ¢/minute35
Iran - Tehran10.00 ¢/minute50
Iraq6.67 ¢/minute75
Iraq - Cellular22.73 ¢/minute22
Iraq-Baghdad6.67 ¢/minute75
Ireland1.33 ¢/minute375
Ireland - Cellular14.29 ¢/minute35
Israel1.00 ¢/minute500
Israel - Cellular3.70 ¢/minute135
Italy1.82 ¢/minute275
Italy - Cellular14.29 ¢/minute35
Ivory Coast25.00 ¢/minute20
Ivory Coast - Cellular25.00 ¢/minute20
Jamaica6.25 ¢/minute80
Jamaica - Cellular22.73 ¢/minute22
Japan2.86 ¢/minute175
Japan - Cellular12.50 ¢/minute40
Jordan8.33 ¢/minute60
Jordan - Amman8.33 ¢/minute60
Jordan - Cellular10.87 ¢/minute46
Kenya5.00 ¢/minute100
Kenya - Cellular5.00 ¢/minute100
Kenya - Nairobi5.00 ¢/minute100
Kuwait6.67 ¢/minute75
Kuwait - Cellular10.00 ¢/minute50
Laos5.00 ¢/minute100
Laos - Cellular5.00 ¢/minute100
Lebanon10.00 ¢/minute50
Lebanon - Cellular17.86 ¢/minute28
Mali Republic25.00 ¢/minute20
Mali Republic - Cellular27.78 ¢/minute18
Mexico2.00 ¢/minute250
Mexico - Cellular4.00 ¢/minute125
Mexico - Guadalajara0.83 ¢/minute600
Mexico - Mexico City0.83 ¢/minute600
Mexico - Monterrey0.83 ¢/minute600
Mexico - Puebla1.43 ¢/minute350
Morocco2.86 ¢/minute175
Morocco - Cellular38.46 ¢/minute13
Nepal12.50 ¢/minute40
Nepal - Cellular12.50 ¢/minute40
Nicaragua13.51 ¢/minute37
Nicaragua - Cellular20.00 ¢/minute25
Nigeria3.85 ¢/minute130
Nigeria - Cellular3.85 ¢/minute130
Nigeria - Lagos3.85 ¢/minute130
Pakistan9.09 ¢/minute55
Pakistan - Cellular9.09 ¢/minute55
Panama2.86 ¢/minute175
Panama - Cellular12.50 ¢/minute40
Panama - Panama City2.86 ¢/minute175
Paraguay3.85 ¢/minute130
Paraguay - Cellular9.09 ¢/minute55
Peru1.25 ¢/minute400
Peru - Cellular8.33 ¢/minute60
Peru - Lima1.25 ¢/minute400
Philippines10.00 ¢/minute50
Philippines - Cellular12.50 ¢/minute40
Portugal1.43 ¢/minute350
Portugal - Cellular6.67 ¢/minute75
Russia2.78 ¢/minute180
Russia - Cellular4.55 ¢/minute110
Russia - Moscow1.11 ¢/minute450
Russia - St. Petersburg1.25 ¢/minute400
Saudi Arabia8.77 ¢/minute57
Saudi Arabia - Cellular13.51 ¢/minute37
Saudi Arabia - Dharan8.77 ¢/minute57
Saudi Arabia - Jeddah8.77 ¢/minute57
Saudi Arabia - Makkah8.77 ¢/minute57
Saudi Arabia - Riyadh8.77 ¢/minute57
Sierra Leone41.67 ¢/minute12
Sierra Leone - Cellular41.67 ¢/minute12
Somalia45.45 ¢/minute11
Somalia - Cellular45.45 ¢/minute11
South Africa4.00 ¢/minute125
South Africa - Cellular11.90 ¢/minute42
South Korea1.67 ¢/minute300
South Korea - Cellular4.00 ¢/minute125
St Kitts14.29 ¢/minute35
St Kitts - Cellular27.78 ¢/minute18
St. Lucia12.50 ¢/minute40
St. Lucia - Cellular25.00 ¢/minute20
St. Vincent12.50 ¢/minute40
St. Vincent and Grenada - Cellular25.00 ¢/minute20
Syria11.11 ¢/minute45
Syria - Cellular18.52 ¢/minute27
Taiwan1.82 ¢/minute275
Taiwan - Cellular8.33 ¢/minute60
Thailand1.43 ¢/minute350
Thailand - Bangkok1.43 ¢/minute350
Thailand - Cellular1.43 ¢/minute350
Trinidad and Tobago6.25 ¢/minute80
Trinidad and Tobago - Cellular20.00 ¢/minute25
Uganda8.33 ¢/minute60
Uganda - Cellular20.00 ¢/minute25
UK1.25 ¢/minute400
UK - Cellular5.56 ¢/minute90
Uruguay6.25 ¢/minute80
Uruguay - Cellular20.00 ¢/minute25
Uruguay - Montevideo5.00 ¢/minute100
Venezuela1.82 ¢/minute275
Venezuela - Caracas1.82 ¢/minute275
Venezuela - Cellular5.56 ¢/minute90
Vietnam6.25 ¢/minute80
Vietnam - Cellular6.25 ¢/minute80
Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City6.25 ¢/minute80
Yemen Arab Republic12.50 ¢/minute40
Zaire29.41 ¢/minute17
Zaire - Cellular25.00 ¢/minute20
Zambia7.14 ¢/minute70
Zambia - Cellular14.29 ¢/minute35
Zimbabwe10.00 ¢/minute50
Zimbabwe - Cellular50.00 ¢/minute10