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Customer Agreement and other legal information

Please read the following agreement and disclaimer before making a purchase. If you make a purchase at our online phone card store you agree with the terms and conditions set below.


By shopping at this website,, you, the customer agree with the following terms and conditions.

Order Fulfillment.

First time orders will need to be verified before the PINs are delivered. This may cause a delay in the delivery of PINs for first time orders. Once your order is confirmed and authorized it will be sent to your e-mail address. We are not responsible for the wrong information that was supplied by the customer. Make sure that the information that you are required to supply to us while ordering the calling cards is correct. In case of an error contact us as soon as possible to resolve the issue. ZS Comm can not be held liable for lost or stolen calling card information once the order is received by the customer. It is customers' sole responsibility to keep the calling card information safe and secure. On certain occasions if we are out of $20 denomination calling card, two $10 denominations will be supplied to the customer. Additional fees will apply to cards that are used from Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and Canada, if the cards are accessible from these areas. The calling card manufacturers may charge substantial fees that are charged additional per minute if the cards are accessible from the areas listed above. Please contact the customer service of the manufacturer for details.

Warranties and or Guaranties/ User Agreement.

    As ZS Comm is not the actual calling card manufacturer, ZS Comm does not make any guaranties, warranties, or representation, express or implied, regarding condition, merchantability, usability, quality, fitness of the information or the communication services offered by the calling/phone cards that are being sold on and its sub-webs, and all pages associated with


    Disclaimer of Warranty - Except otherwise provided in the agreement, ZS Comm Global makes no guarantee, warranty or representation, expressed or implied, regarding the condition, merchantability or fitness of the information service offered for any particular use or purpose.


    Modifications - ZS Comm Global states that the calling card manufacturers, and or the service providers for the calling cards that are sold in the related websites that are owned by ZS Comm Global can change or modify the terms and conditions supplied by the calling card manufacturer and or service provider. Such changes may include but not limited to, the prices charged at any time, with the method of notice to be determined by the calling card manufacturers and or service providers sole discretion.


    Miscellaneous - The service may not be used for any unlawful purpose. In no event will the Distributor be liable for PUNITIVE, SPECIAL, INDIRECT, RELIANCE, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. The exclusive remedy for all disputes against Distributor - ZS Comm Global, arising out of purchase or use of Card, except for matters taken to small claims court, is arbitration by a single arbitrator under the Consumer Arbitration Rules of the AAA. DISPUTES AGAINST DISTRIBUTOR WILL NOT BE HEARD BY A JURY OR IN A COURT AND MAY NOT BE MADE PART OF A CLASS ACTION. Card may be deactivated without notice if fraud is reasonably suspected.


    Other issues - In the event of the calling card manufacturer and or service provider and or distributor of the calling cards (where ZS Comm Global is provided with the calling cards) going out of business, declaring bankruptcy, and as a result the calling cards are shut down, services provided cancelled, and or stopped and or disrupted, ZS Comm Global and the websites that are maintained by ZS Comm Global will not be held liable for any value of the bought and or purchased phone cards by the customer, ZS Comm Global will not be held liable for the amount of purchase, and or the remaining balance and or the unused portion of the calling card(s), phone card(s), prepaid calling card(s), prepaid phone card(s) that have been purchased and paid for by the customer (purchaser) through the websites that are maintained and run by ZS Comm Global. No refunds and no exchanges of any kind will be honored after the PINs are distributed and or sent to the customer by e-mail and or phone.


Limitation of Liability - In no event shall ZS Comm Global be liable for any special, incidental indirect or consequential damages as a result of this service. The sole liability of ZS Comm Global as a result of any action or failure to act on the part of ZS Comm Global, whether ZS Comm Global knew or should have known that damages might or could be incurred, shall be limited to a refund of the cost of the unused portion of the calling card(s). ZS Comm Global shall not be liable of any damages that may occur as a result of the unauthorized use of this service.


No refunds or exchanges or returns are allowed once the order is placed. No exceptions.


Rates And Fees Are Subject To Change Without Prior Notice.

    As ZS Comm is not the actual producer of the calling cards, we do not have any control over the rates and fees. The calling cards are produced by a service provider(s), independent companies. ZS Comm is a company that finds the highest quality calling cards with the lowest rates, and distributes them to the customers. As we are not the actual call time, call service provider nor the producer, we do not have any control over the rates and fees of the calling cards that we distribute. The actual service provider has established rates, and they can change the rates or fees anytime as they are required to. As soon as ZS Comm gets a notice of the changed rates and fees, the info will be updated on this website so our customers will also get the advance notification. For any reason if you believe that the published rates on this website is in error, please contact our customer service, so that necessary updates will be done. Additional fees will apply to cards that are used from Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and Canada, if the cards are accessible from these areas. The calling card manufacturers may charge substantial fees that are charged additional per minute if the cards are accessible from the areas listed above.

ZS Comm is not liable for the quality of the calls, calling card problems.

    As mentioned above, ZS Comm is not the actual call/service provider of the calling cards, so we can not be held liable for any unsatisfactory call quality that our customers experience while using the calling cards. ZS Comm Global will not be held liable for the problems you experience with the calling card(s) you purchase. You agree not to hold ZS Comm Global liable and to contact the customer service manufacturer's customer service number that is provided on your PIN e-mail to resolve the problems you are experiencing with your calling card, including but not limited to, call quality problems, connectivity connection problems, loss of minutes, less talk time than prompted minutes, loss of credit balance on the phone card, etc.

No Refunds Are Honored Once The Purchase Is Sent To Your E-mail.

    As you will be receiving your order through e-mail, and the physical calling cards will not be sent to you, we do not honor any type of refunds once the order is sent to your e-mail. When the order is sent to your e-mail upon completion, it will include all of the necessary information that you need to make calls. The information will include the toll free access numbers, customer service numbers, and the PIN of the calling card. As the PIN will be visible on the e-mail no refunds will be honored. Except in certain conditions we can exchange your phone cards or issue you additional cards. See the important conditions at this page as part of our customer satisfaction goal.

Privacy Issue.

    ZS Comm will be collecting certain personal information while you are completing your order for fraud prevention purposes. Such information will include, your full name, billing address, phone number, and some additional items. ZS Comm will not sell or distribute your information to any other third parties. The only time that we may use your information would be to send you promotional e-mails about our calling cards, sales promotions, which will all make you save more money, and have a great shopping experience at ZS Comm. Each of our customers who have placed an order will be automatically put in to our e-mail list for calling card sale and specials notification e-mails that are sent once every couple months. Our customers, and those who have created a login account with us will be automatically added to our mailing list. If you do not wish to receive the promotional e-mails in the future simply unsubscribe from the mailing list. The process is automated, and your name will be removed instantly. The credit card transactions take place in SSL environment, which gives excellent security for the online shoppers.

Credit Card Fraud Issues.

    When "buy" button is clicked on any page of this website, a new window will pop up to complete the order, where the IP number of the computer that is used for completing an order will be recorded through the SSL server. In any circumstances if a fraudulent transaction takes place, we will work fully with the law enforcement agencies and help them by providing all of the necessary information to find and prosecute the necessary people.

Other Issues.

    This website is protected under copyright laws. Any part of this website if used by someone not associated with ZS Comm, without the permission of ZS Comm will be reported to law enforcement agencies so that proper actions will be taken. For any issues regarding the use of this website please contact our customer service by e-mail. We are open to any type of recommendations, and we would like to create an excellent shopping environment where our customers feel completely satisfied. When you are completing your order your credit card maybe declined. On our behalf the main reason would be that the information that you have included was wrong or did not match the credit card issuing bank's information. On certain occasions we may contact you to get more information to complete your order. There maybe times you may receive an e-mail stating that a credit was issued to your account, and your order was not completed. It means that the credit card issuing banks authorization did not match the information that was provided by the customer. You can retry to order, or contact us through e-mail for further details. In the event of a chargeback that we receive from the customer, through his/her credit card issuing bank, we will try to get the chargeback reversed. In the event of the chargeback being reversed the customer will be charged a $30 chargeback fee on their used credit cards.


Copyright Issues


    All rights reserved, parts of this website, its subdirectories, programming codes, text, pictures and other unsaid here components can not be used at any circumstances with or without our written consent. Any wrongdoers will be immediately prosecuted for copyright infringement in both civil and criminal courts.